Welcome to the web site for PIF, an educational corporation that works on behalf of families wrongly accused of child abuse based on medical misdiagnosis.

Mission Statement

End the medical misdiagnosis of child abuse and inappropriate handling of these cases by:

  • Educating the public, lawmakers, and medical and legal professionals
  • Encouraging research to improve diagnostic accuracy and understand the impact of false accusations
  • Uniting affected families, organizations, and communities to fulfill these goals


Over the past 50 years, the problem of child abuse has been receiving long-overdue attention. The over-diagnosis of abuse, however, can also have serious consequences to children and families.

Parents of children with rare or poorly understood conditions—or even well-known conditions that predispose to findings also common in abused children—are especially vulnerable to abuse accusations. Unfounded accusations tear apart innocent families and deny or delay the care their children need.

Falsely accused father Andrew Sprint takes the petition to a child abuse training.

Wrongly accused father Andrew Sprint takes the petition to a child abuse training in Seattle

The guidelines now being used to diagnose abusive head trauma are especially troubling. When child abuse doctors see certain findings or clusters of findings, even in the absence of bruising, grip marks, or other signs of assault, they reject caretaker and other witness accounts in favor of medical hypotheses that are now failing the test of time. (See, for example, this exposé of shaken baby syndrome in The Washington Post.) Even though doctors in other specialties recognize a long and growing list of underlying medical conditions that can cause subdural hematoma and retinal hemorrhages, child abuse experts continue to place undue importance on intra-cranial findings. Similarly, the child-abuse community maintains that children are immune to serious injury from short household falls, even while biomechanics researchers report that padded flooring next to changing tables would save lives.

Incredibly enough, doctors sometimes diagnose abuse on the basis of fractures without testing the child’s vitamin D levels, and some child abuse experts testify that a fetus will develop normal bones even if the mother is deficient in key minerals.

PIFLogoFeb2016The misdiagnosis of “medical child abuse,” in which doctors accuse parents of seeking unnecessary medical care for their children, is also a growing problem. (Please see this op ed in The New York Times.) As with shaken baby syndrome, this diagnosis can result when doctors fail to see the underlying source of a child’s symptoms and findings.

In addition to our educational campaigns, we are collecting signatures on a petition asking for an impartial scientific investigation into the evidence base for shaken baby syndrome/abusive head trauma and other medical diagnoses of abuse, possibly by the National Academy of Sciences, which in 2009 published an influential report detailing problems with forensic science in the courtroom.

To read and sign the petition, please go to http://bit.ly/InnocentFamilyPetition.

Our long-term goal is to effect changes in medical and legal practices that will protect children from abuse while avoiding the disastrous consequences of false allegations.

Site Outline

  • Cases – stories of families torn apart by misdiagnoses
  • Medical Issues – controversies and misconceptions in child abuse medicine
  • Resources – suggestions if you’ve been wrongfully accused of child abuse
  • In the Media  – links to press coverage of cases and the debate
  • Updates – postings from PIF

Our Network

PIF tries to stay in touch with other organizations and individuals who share our goals, including:

* Logo courtesy of Chiara Zini, creator of the site una Mamma, un Papá

18 thoughts on “Home

  1. Eighmie

    I personally know the devestation a wrongful accusation can cause a person and their families, even the extended portion of family.

    I am one of the fortunate cases. We won at the DFS appeal level due to much documented conversations between myself and the child’s family, regarding various concerns on my part, as well as a vast amount of pictures i had taken nearly each day the child was in my care. I am very glad that I am a documenter, however so many people are living normal every day lives and sadly this impacts any and everyone that ever has any type of interaction with a child.

    I support this quest. I believe that the accusers should also have a heavier amount of accountability and liability held on them. Especially when evidence is ignored or blocked/redacted to merely support their accusations in gross efforts to support their case.

    Through this tragic personal crusade we learned that our trust level has greatly diminished in protective services. No one was there to protect my children and what was happening around them. No one protected them from one on one private and confusing conversations. No one protected them except us….the parents.

    My heart goes out to Megan, her children and family and to all those affected by such heinous accusations.

    There are real abusers out there, sadly. They are not going through such insidious trials. This must stop!!!

    My prayers are with all. May the truth come to the forefront.

  2. thepaintbox

    The fact that doctors more often default to an abuse diagnosis, without equally considering underlying medical conditions that may, in itself be fatal if undetected, is neglect and abuse by the doctors themselves. The children pay the price physically and emotionally by not being properly treated for such conditions, but instead are treated for abuse. It’s all in the name of money and corruption. Sign this petition and know your civil rights as a U.S. Citizen, knowledge is power in these cases.

  3. Lorina

    Does your organization have anyone in Austin, TX??

    We need any and all help or information that you can give us please. My family has been railroaded by wrongful accusations too. Our children have suffered from the DFPS and how they try to keep children in Foster Care as long as possible in order to collect Federal Funding. I hope this corruption ends soon and no more families have to go through this nightmare.

    Thank you, God Bless!

    1. Latasha Humphries

      Hello my name is Latasha Humphries, please send me a face book friend request I may have some information that will interest you as it pertains to your case and the area in which you live.

  4. Latasha Humphries

    Hello, my name is Latasha Humphries. I am currently in a struggle of my own involving a misdiagnosed sbs and my 3 year old daughter. As I research for help and guidance I have noticed several Ohio card that all involve summit county and Akron children’s hospital. This is just an observation but perhaps w could start a petition of sorts for a formal investigation? How would that work?


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