PIF Emeritus Board

Jennie Aspelin

An accidental fall led to a nightmare of accusations for the Aspelin family. You can read treatments of their story on NPR (“Dismissed Case Raises Question on Shaken Baby Diagnosis“), KPIX channel 5 (“Bay Area Family’s Ordeal Raises Questions Over Shaken Baby Convictions“), and Medium (“What Really Happened to Baby Johan?“).

Audrey Edmunds

Caretaker Audrey Edmunds was convicted in 1996 in a shaking case, after a child in her care seemed to choke on a bottle and quit breathing. She was exonerated by the Wisconsin Innocence Project in 2008 (see the Madison Magazine treatment). Her book,  It Happened to Audrey, coauthored with her friend journalist Jill Wellington, describes her ordeal.

After their contributions to getting PIF off the ground as members of the inaugural board of directors, Jennie and Audrey now serve on the PIF Advisory Committee.

Dr. Charles Hyman

Dr. Charles Hyman

Dr. Charles Hyman is a pediatrician with a specialty in bone findings. His talk at the 2013 EBMSI conference planted the seeds for PIF. He is a co-author on a groundbreaking metaphyseal fractures paper.