Board of Directors

The PIF board of directors includes representatives from our various constituencies, each with years in the arena:

President Sue Luttner, technical writer and editor, maintains the blog On Shaken Baby.


Secretary Tonya Sadowsky, founder of The Amanda Truth Project, in memory of her daughter, provides resources and community to newly accused families. See her compelling video recorded during the 2011 EMBSI conference.


Treasurer Lisa Munger is a key force behind Brian Peixoto: Struggle for Innocence. Brian’s story was covered last year in Boston Magazine.


Dr. Bergina Isbell is a board certified psychiatrist, trained at the Mayo Clinic, who specializes in patients with a history of trauma and with special needs. From 2010 to 2013, she helped her husband fight misguided accusations of abuse when their infant son’s health problems were misdiagnosed as shaking injury.


Melissa Staas, an attorney at The Family Defense Center, advocates in the courtroom and in the journals for parents wrongly accused of abuse.


Michelle Weidner is the co-founder of Pediatric Accountability in Central Illinois, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to education about the misdiagnosis of abuse and the support of wrongfully accused families. Michelle’s own family successfully fought misguided abuse charges.

See the Emeritus PIF Board page for past board members.