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Convictions vacated in Rosamond baby’s death after court finds defendant received ineffective assistance of counsel,” by Jason Kotowski for, January 2022

Wisconsin judge, jury, prosecutor reject child abuse charges sparked by Dr. Barbara Knox” (with a review of several cases), by Brenda Wintrode for Wisconsin Watch, December 2021

Jury rejects child abuse charge triggered by former University of Wisconsin doctor,” by Dee J. Hall for Wisconsin Watch, November 2021

Not guilty: Woman acquitted of all charges in 2017 death of toddler,” by Laura Rumiinski for Hawaii News, November 2021

Charges dropped against long-term inmate in shaken baby case,” by Andrew Welsh-Huggins for APNews, October 2021

Science clears mom in Shaken Baby case 18 years later,” by Heather Walker for WoodTV, August 2021

Victorian man allowed to appeal child homicide conviction after lawyers question baby shaking evidence,” by Nino Bucci for The Guardian, August 2021

New Research on Shaken Baby Syndrome Helps Clear Man Who Spent 15 Years in Prison,” by Olga R. Rodriguez for NBCDFW, April 2021

Opinion: Study finds cognitive bias in how medical examiners evaluate child deaths,” by Radley Balko for The Washington Post, February 2021

Maryland court vacates shaken-baby conviction, cites new medical science,” by Steve Lash for The Daily Record (limited access), December 2020

Do No Harm,” by Mike Hixenbaugh for NBC News, now featuring a podcast series as well as a growing collection of riveting news stories, October 2020

Appeals court orders new trial in Pinellas baby death,” by Dan Sullivan for the Tampa Bay Times, July 2020

3News Investigates: Science behind shaken baby syndrome under attack,” by Phil Trexler & Rachel Polansky for WKYC Studios in Akron, Ohio, February 2020

An ER doctor was charged with abusing his baby. But 15 medical experts say there’s no proof,” by Mike Hixenbaugh for NBC News, January 2020

Hundreds of parents accused of child abuse by doctors come forward,” by Mike Hixenbaugh for the Houston Chronicle, in collaboration with NBC News, December 2019

Seeking a second opinion when abuse is alleged,” by Niran Al-Agba, MD, columnist, for the Kitsap Sun, November 2019

Texas parents lost custody of their children when doctors said the baby was abused,” by Steve Helling for  People, October 2019

A devastating dagnosis: doctors trained to spot child abuse can save lives. But when they get it wrong, families are torn apart,” by Mike Hixenbaugh, NBC News & Keri Blankinger, Houston Chronicle, September 2019

Alaska appeals court reverses conviction of Wasilla father charged in daughter’s death,” by Daniella Rivera, for KTVA News, July 2019

Main father pardoned, cleared of wrongdoing after being accused of abusing infant son,” by David Charns for WMTV News, January 2019

After the Hotline Call,” by Diane Redleaf for The Atlantic, January 2019

She was exonerated of the murder of her son. Her life is still shattered,” by Pamela Colloff for The New York Times, December 2018

Maryland father found not guilty in attempted murder of his 8-month-old daughter,” by Aaron Mushrush for Channel 47abc in Maryland, October 2018

Murder charges dropped against Chico doctor, nurse in son’s 2012 death,” by Andre Byek for the Enterprise-Record, August 2018

Conviction overturned in Missoula shaken-baby case,” by Jill Valley for Channel 8 KPAX, July 2018

I believed in Shaken Baby Syndrome until science showed I was wrong,” a TEDx talk by pediaric neuropathologist Dr. Waney Squier, March 2018

Bad Science Puts Innocent People in Jail—And Keeps Them There,” Radley Balco & Tucker Carrington for The Washington Post, March 2018

Jurors in child-care abuse trial leaned toward acquittal,” by Ryan Whisner for the Daily Jefferson County Union, March 2018

Police tore baby from mother’s arms when genetic condition was mistaken for abuse,” by Adam Smith for Metro, January 2018

California Shaken Baby Conviction Set Aside After 15 Years,” Associated Press, December 2017

Fatal Child-Abuse Charges Dismissed in ‘Shaken Baby’ Case,” Alan Prendergast for Westword, September 2017

Shaken baby syndrome is not definitive proof of child abuse,” Deborah Tuerkheimer for New Scientist, September 2017

Detroit Father Cleared After Being Accused of Murder, Rape of Infant Daughter; Proscutors Admit All Charges Were ‘Erroneous,'” Kirsten West Savali for The Root, July 2017

Acquittal of man accused of hurting his son reveals questions about the science behind ‘shaken baby syndrome,'” Lois Henry for, July 2017.

Loving note tucked away in a photo album proved parents accused of almost killing their baby did NOT violently shake her,
Sue Reid for The Daily Mail, May 2017

Huber Family Hopes New Bill Will Stop False Child Abuse Allegations,” Kelly Schafler for The Courier of Montgomery County, April 2017

Child Abuse Charge Dropped Against Ft. Collins EMT,” Jason Pohl for The Coloradan, January 2017

The Shaken Baby Martyr: Top brain doctor who was struck off for controversial claims speaks out on how jailed parents could be innocent,” Sue Reid for the Daily Mail, December 2016

Ruling alters legal landscape in NY shaken-baby cases,” Steve Orr and Gary Craig for the Democrat and Chronicle, November 2016

Critics, parents, question diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome,” Tom Lyden for Fox 9, November 2016

SD man accused of killing infant acquitted of all charges,” Jake Shama for the Grand Forks Herald, November 2016

Shaken baby evidence doctor reinstated,” BBC, November 2016

Evidence of ‘shaken baby’ questioned by controversial study,” Andy Coghlan for New Scientist, November 2016

Doctors Said They Shook Their Baby to Death. They Didn’t,” Rachel Blustain for The Daily Beast, October 2016

SJC orders new trial in 2007 ‘shaken baby’ case,” Patrician Wenn & John R. Ellement for The Boston Globe, July 2016

Full court press: SJC gives shaken baby defenses a major boost,” by Bob McGovern for The Boston Herald, June 2016

Dr. Waney Squier Struck Off for Shaken  Baby Evidence,” BBC News, March 2016

Raleigh Mother Denies Hurting Baby,” by Diane Wilson and Lindsey Brunson for ABC11, February 2016

–> “Nanny’s case emboldens those who question shaken baby theory,” a letter to the editor of The Boston Globe from PIF, January 2016

Irish nanny moves on after murder charges dropped,” by Kevin Cullen, The Boston Globe, January 2016

California ‘shaken baby’ case in vanguard of new legal challenges,” by Steve Gorman for Reuters, January 2016

Woman Convicted in Death of Toddler Entitled to New Trial,” by Jessica Prokop for The Columbian, January 2016

Couple Cleared of Child Abuse With Bone Disorder Defense,” by Anne Shindler for First Coast News and WLTV, November 2015

Family Reunited After Fight Against Child Abuse Charges,” WMTV News, November 2015

Shaken Baby: Accident or Abuse?” by Dana Littleton for The San Diego Union Tribune, October 2015

The Controversial Child Abuse Epidemic Tearing Families Apart,” by Jody Alard for The Establishment, October 2015

Middlesex, County, Mass. Prosecutors Withheld Exculpatory Evidence in Two ‘Shaken Baby’ Cases,” by Randy Balko, The Washington Post, October 2015

Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Diagnosis That Divides the Medical World,” article by Clyde Haberman, The New York Times; video by Miriam Weintraub for Retro Report,  September 2015

Nanny’s case could have broad effects on child abuse prosecutions,” by Kevin Cullen, The Boston Globe, September 2015

The New Child Abuse Panic,” op ed by Prof. Maxine Eichner in The New York Times, July 2015

A Disputed Diagnosis Imprisons Parents,” by Debra Cenziper, The Washington Post, March 2015

A Disputed Diagnosis That Sends Parents to Prison for Abuse,” PBS NewsHour, March 2015

Open Letter on Shaken Baby Syndrome and the Courts: A False and Flawed Premise,” signed by 31 professionals in the arena, Argument & Critique, March 2015

Blaming Melissa” by Erin Moriarty, 48 Hours, Feb. 2015    (posting with text treatment)

What Really Happened to Baby Johan?” by Elizabeth Weil, Medium, Feb. 2015

Iceland Shaken Baby Case to Be Reopened?” by Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir, Iceland Review, Jan. 2015

Rejecting Shaken Baby Claim, Judge Blasts UIHC Doc,” Associated Press, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Dec. 2014

How Can Doctors Be Sure a Baby’s Been Shaken?” by Jessica Pishko, The Atlantic, Nov. 2014

Couple Hopes Diagnosis Will Reunite Family, End Child Abuse Allegations,” by Katie Thompson, WMTV 8,  Nov. 2014

Case Against Man Dropped as Facts Emerge About Death of Toddler,” by Dan Sanderson, Crawford County Avalanche, Nov. 2014

The Syndrome,” a film by Susan and Meryl Goldsmith, Reset Films, premiered Oct. 2014

Acquitted: Pender Father Found Not Guilty of Killing Son,” by Tavia V. Green, The Leaf-Chronicle, Oct. 2014

Texas Releases Death Row Inmate Manuel Velez After Wrongful Conviction,” by Ed Pilkingtoni, The Guardian, Oct. 2014

Imprisoned Las Crucen Freed After Child Abuse Conviction Overturned,” by Steve Ramirez, Las Cruces Sun-News,  Aug. 2014

Pathologist: No Evidence Death Row Inmate Abused Child,” by Jerry Mitchell, The Clarion-Ledger, Aug. 2014

Finally, a Judge Calls Shaken Baby an ‘Article of Faith’,” by Deborah Tuerkheimer, Slate, May 2014

Challenges to Shaken Baby Convictions Mounting,” by Dee J. Hall, Wisconsin State Journal, May 2014

‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ and the Flawed Science in Our Criminal Courts,” by Radley Balko, The Washington Post, Feb. 2014

Many Experts Have Discredited Shaken Baby Syndrome. So Why Is Maria Mendez Still in Prison?” by Beth Barrett, LAWeekly, Nov. 2013

Fractured Families” follow-up, about the response to a program on Ehlers Danlos misdiagnosed as abuse by reporter Janet St. James at WFAA in Dallas, Nov. 2013

The Accused” by Christian Boone, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jan. 2013

Retrial for Man Convicted in Shaken Baby Case,” The Local, Jan. 2013

Shaken: A Mother’s Conviction, a Son’s Doubts,” by Victor Zapana, The New  Yorker, Nov. 2012

Taos Jurors Dismiss ‘Shaken Baby’ Case Amid Medical Skepticism,” by Chandra Johnson, Taos News, Sept. 2012

Setting the Record Straight,” by Katie Brennan and Nick Castele at the Medill Justice Project, Sept. 2012

New Doubts in Shaken Baby Fatalities,” by Richard Ruelas, The Republic, Sep. 2012

Couple Cleared of Killing Son Call for Inquiry,” by Andrew Hugh, The Telegraph, Apr. 2012

Diagnosis Murder,” an episode of the fifth estate, Canadian Broadcasting Company, Jan. 2012

B.C. Children Spent Years in Limbo After Shaken Baby Accusation,” by Kathy Tomlinson, CBC News, Jan. 2012

The Shaky Science of Shaken Baby Syndrome,” by Maia Szalavitz, Time, Jan. 2012

Unsettling Science: Experts Are Still Debating Whether Shaken Baby Syndrome Exists,” by Mark Hansen, ABA Journal, Dec. 2011

Fractured Leg, Fractured Family: A Misdiagnosis Leads to Accusations of Child Abuse,” by Ryan Schill, Investigative News Network, Oct. 2011

Rethinking Shaken Baby Syndrome,” by Joe Shapiro, NPR, June 2011

The Child CasesFRONTLINE, ProPublica, NPR, June 2011

Caregiver or Killer?” by Patrick Yeagle, Illinois Times, May 2011

The Dubious Science of Shaken Baby Syndrome,” by Robert Langreth for Forbes, Feb. 2011

Shaken-Baby Syndrome Faces New Questions in Court,” by Emily Bazelon, The New York Times Magazine, Feb. 2011

Anatomy of a Misdiagnosis,” by Deborah Tuerkheimer, The New York Times, Oct. 2010

Oh, Baby,” by Melanie Radzicki McManus, Madison Magazine, June 2009

Does Shaken Baby Syndrome Really Exist?” by Mark Anderson, Discover, Dec. 2008

Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Search for Truth,” by Lee Scheier, The Chicago Tribune, June 2005

Judging Parents as Murderers on Four Specks of Blood,” by Barry Siegel, Los Angeles Times, July 1999

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