PIF Advisory Committee

The PIF advisory committee helps us stay in touch with other organizations and individuals who share our goals, in the hopes that we can work more effectively for justice if we work together.

This page lists most members of the advisory committee—a few of our advisors prefer to keep a low web profile in order to protect their own families.

Committee Members

Christiana Allison, Free Clayton Allison

Jennie Aspelin

Dr. David Ayoub, MD, Clinical Radiologists, S.C.

Zabeth BayneEvidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Group

Daniel Berqman, Riksförbundet För Familjers Rättigheter (National Association for Families’ Rights, in Sweden)

Zachary Bravos, Attorney

Audrey Edmunds, exonerated caretaker

Kathrine Vaughn Ellwood, Marcia Mills Is Innocent

Jennifer Fitzgerald, Attorney

Mark Freeman, Attorney

Tina Goertz

Mats Hellberg, Riksförbundet För Familjers Rättigheter

Bria Huber, Fractured Families

Katherine JudsonWisconsin Innocence Project

Kimberly Leonard, Pediatric Justice Association

Kristen Maanum

Nancy O’Geary, SBS Project – Sean O’Geary

James Phillips, VP of Engineering, Global Stress Index

Aaron Rasheed

Ronald Uscinski, MD

Michelle Weidner, Pediatric Accountability in Central Illinois