What does it mean to be a supporter of PIF?

seal&babyCloseA supporter of PIF is someone who has explicitly endorsed our efforts to stop the over-diagnosis of child abuse based on obsolete medical theories—if you understand that the problem is real, please consider becoming a PIF supporter, which costs nothing but helps the cause.

When we speak to the press or to Congress, we want to be able to say that we speak for thousands, which we know to be true. Having a large group of supporters demonstrates the size of the problem we are fighting.

We do not plan to publish the names of our supporters, but if asked, we will share their names, cities, and states—not contact information—with individuals or groups we trust. If you absolutely do not want your name associated with the cause, you should not be a supporter of PIF.

Supporters can optionally sign up to receive PIF action alerts and status reports.

To become a supporter of PIF, please follow this link: Become a supporter

If you have not yet signed our petition, you can do that and declare yourself a supporter at the same time, at http://bit.ly/InnocentFamilyPetition.